Broken heart resistor/It's not like that over here

So I just realised that I hadn't even thought about writing anything today, which is weird and not entirely a good sign because I'm trying to turn this into a daily thing. I need to instill some form of daily discipline in my everyday life, and writing is a good discipline to develop. Hence the attempts at a daily post. So far, so good, but usually as soon as I say that I forget or get sick or something comes up and I never get around to doing it again.
I envy people who write stories. They have discipline and creative talent, both of which I lack. I know I write well, on the rare occasion that I actually put pen to paper, but to be perfectly honest I don't care enough to write stories down. I like them staying up in my head, because they're my stories and not intended to be shared. Besides, this way nobody can tell me that they're lame, even though they usually are. Except for the one with the guy chained to the desk, that was cool. I wrote it while on Ambien so I wasn't actually in control of anything I was doing, and actually can't remember writing it at all. So I guess really it doesn't count.
Any tips for better writing would be appreciated.

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