I write clever words on paper/I sometimes think I don't believe at all

I'm tired. Not terribly so, and not to the point where I need to go to bed. It's more the, I'm slightly sick and just woke up, kind of tired. I should be okay by tomorrow, though. "Should be" being the operative word here.
It's kind of odd, being sick again. I thought I'd be fine now that I'm off the lithium, but apparently the new meds also have the nasty side effect of MAKING ME SICK, which I'm not happy about. Maybe it's just the lithium. Maybe. I hope. Please.
So I have a new story idea. It's about damn time, wouldn't you say? Over a year since the last one. We'll see if I ever get it from notebook to computer. If I do, I just may send it to a few of you as a, "ha! I still write, sometimes, kind of" sort of thing. Or "fing," as Nobby would say. (Eight million points to whoever knows who Nobby is, by the way) It's (sadly) not even my own idea, but I did get permission from the originator of said idea, as long as I named a character after him. I'm thinking the token curmudgeon, but that could change. N. isn't a very good name for a curmudgeon, after all. We'll have to see what pops up. And yes, I said notebook. I write all my stories (all three of them) longhand first, I think because writing takes me longer and therefore my thoughts have a bit more time to compose themselves properly than when I type. I could write faster if I really wanted to, but then I'd have the problem of not being able to read anything I've written. Not good. So until I figure out something between the two that's more convenient, I shall continue writing out my stories in my semi-pretty (semi according to me, pretty according to B., whom I miss very much) handwriting.
3 of the four of my brothers' friends leave on Monday morning. I can't say as I'll miss them.

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