Took my sweet time when I was bitter/Someone understands

So the cookies are sent (four and a half pounds of cookies. Damn, I'm good), the bills are paid, and I am once again broke. But next paycheck I'll have the money so I can go see M. (YAY!) who I miss terribly. She's like my best friend and I haven't seen her in about a year and a half, which is driving me (and maybe her too) up the freaking wall. It's hard, living here in Podunk, with no friends except co-workers who are also at least 25 years my senior. They're nice and all, but let's face it--25+ years is a HUGE gap and there's not going to be a lot of bonding going on.
Oh, and I'm not sleeping. Again. I slept for maybe an hour and a half last night, and another hour-long nap this morning/afternoon (it was around noon, I think). I'm hoping that sleep deprivation will mean I sleep well tonight, but we all know how things like that go with me. I'm essentially screwed in the luck-and-hope department.
The house is wonderfully quiet, as both S. and one of the J.'s is gone for awhile, S. until Christmas. I'm relishing the quiet after the chaos of 4 teenage and early-twenties males visiting. And no, they weren't visiting me. Even I'm not that stupid. I know my limits. They were here for a week (one for 10 days) and I spent most of it hiding in my room, only going downstairs to bolt down my food at appropriate mealtimes and do what few chores could be done around the mess of 4 young men whose only purpose in being here was one big LAN party. But like I said, it's over and I'm basking in the peace.
I should go shave my legs or do more laundry or something.

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