I'm dying to catch my breath/Why don't I ever learn

Last night was good. Really good. I had a great conversation with N. that ended...on a really good note. Geez, "good" sounds so lame, but there you have it. What can I say? For the time being, I'm content and at peace.
T. (or O.) is doing better, which also makes me happy. I wish I could just say, "he's a jerk, move on," but that's not what needs to be said or done right now. So until it is, if it ever is, I'm fine with just being there for her.
I have to go back to work tomorrow, for the next week, and (once again) I'm not thrilled about it. I wish I had a job that I looked forward to, but until then I'll settle for one I don't mind too much, such as the one I've currently got.
I spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen, slaving away over the oven. Hopefully it's worth it.

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