The thing I cherish most in life/Cannot be taken away

Ever wonder how, with a slight perspective shift, everything around you seems to change?
Work this morning was hard. We were short 2 people, because idiot J. got suspended (finally) and one girl just didn't show. I was by myself in Apartment 1, where there's at least one other person to help, usually two other people helping. But not today. I lucked out, though, and a couple people offered to take time out of THEIR jobs to help me, but I actually (surprise surprise) didn't need it, and managed to get everybody out the door by 8:30, which really isn't bad--only 15 minutes later than usual, which is to say, 30 minutes EARLY. So today they were only 15 minutes early, and I don't think they minded too much. Oh, and I talked to M.K. (lot's of M's at work), and he said he'd be willing to switch shifts with me on the day of the Gaiman signing, which means I GET TO GO! I'd squee, but I'm so tired I don't really care. I know, though, that as soon as I feel better again I will be elated. I wonder if he'll be signing multiple book copies, because I really want to get one for Michelle, since it's totally cool and I missed her birthday this year.
Robin McKinley and her husband Peter Dickinson are (finally) publishing their second collaboration sometime next year, which is very cool. I love Robin McKinley, she's my absolute favorite author ever. To everyone who reads this, read something she's written, they're all great. Deerskin and Sunshine are rather dark, especially Deerskin, so you might want to start with something a litle less...grim. READ HER BOOKS!

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