Something takes a part of me/Something lost and never seen

So apparently I know a celebrity of sorts. The head doctor in our mission used to just be a regular missonary doctor as opposed to being a doctor to missionaries; anyway, back in the 60's and 70's he was a doctor in the Congo. The very first Ebola outbreak happened in one of the major cities there, and so various researchers went out into the bush, so to speak, to question doctors and villagers about whether they'd ever seen anybody with symptoms corresponding to Ebola. Not only had the head doctor had a patient with said symptoms, but after the patient died, the doctor did an autopsy and a few days later developed all the symptoms himself--and survived. He's the first known, recorded survivor of Ebola Zaire, which kills about 90% of the people who catch it. So he's kinda famous, at least in medical circles.
I took my dog over to work today, to see how the clients would react. They were mostly positive, but A. was terrified, and when I handed M. a dog treat to feed to Patch, M. ate it instead...But like I said, it was mostly good.
Um, what else? I did laundry today, which is exciting, seeing as how I'm running out of clean clothing. I might clean the rest of my room, too, sometime this weekend. But then again, I might not. We'll see how things go.
I'm still really tired, but I'm hoping that will go away after I'm up a bit longer. I mean, the longer I'm up, the less tired I get, which is odd. You'd think it'd be the other way 'round, but noooo.
I ordered the next 2 Taltos omnibuses--I'm sure there's a different name for a collection of books bound into one volume, but I don't know what it is, so I'm sticking with the Brits and going with omnibus--from Amazon today; one was on sale for $5. Not too bad for a trade paperback. I should get them sometime next week. Thank you, N., for recommending those books to me.
Chalice comes out in like 2 weeks, and I'm terribly excited. SQUEE!!

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