For saving me for all they've taken/Let my armor fall again

I mailed some stuff out today, including that godforsaken watch and some books, none of which was mine. Well, ok, technically the watch was a permanent loan and never intended for return, but I figure the easiest way for me to get rid of it without feeling guilty is to send it back to the owner. Though to be honest, why I should feel guilty about trashing it I don't know, since I no longer want friends like him.
Thellie's having a hard time of it, so I ordered The Thirteenth Tale and had it sent off to her. Hopefully she'll get it soon. It's a phenomenal book, I'm actually a little ticked that she hasn't read the damn thing yet. But she will soon.
I went back to work today. It was uneventful, except for the nearly-throwing up part. Nice to know my stomach isn't back to its usual imperturbable self yet. Can a stomach have selfhood? I suppose some people would think so.
On a final, somewhat random note, I love the new Disturbed album.

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