Don't tell me if I'm dying/'Cause I don't want to know

Why is it that whenever a girl of a certain age gets sick, everyone automatically assumes she's pregnant? I think it's stupid. What if she legitimately has the flu? Or, like me, is on meds (or maybe something else) that make her sick? The odd thing is, no one assumed I was pregnant....I wonder why. Maybe they all fear the Wrath of Me, too. Which is funny, since I'm not exactly a wrathful person--it takes too much effort.
I (finally) got around to finishing Dragonhaven (just in time for Chalice next month) and am three-quarters of the way through the first Dresden book. I rather like it; it's got lots of magic going boom and evil things trying to kill the hero and ladies in distress getting killed before anyone can save them. All the kinds of things I like in a story, really. I wonder what the Taltos book will be like, since that's the obvious next step for me. I've still got about a dozen books that people have given me/I have bought that I haven't gotten round to reading yet it's actually a habit of mine which is good because it means I'll always have something to read.
Things seem to be looking up overall, but I don't know if it's just my own personal 18-month Cycle of Doom, or if I finally stumbled across meds that help. N. is helping a lot too, as is M. But friends have never been enough to keep me afloat, as sad as that is, and meds have yet to work. I guess we'll find out around Christmastime if I'm legitimately better or just going through the cycle. Not this Christmas, next Christmas. Christmas 2009. Which sucks, because I've still got something like 15 months before finding out. I wish there was a better, easier, faster way to do this. But there isn't, so I guess I just have to wait and see.

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