Will we remember all of the suffering?/Cause if we fail, it will be in vain

Gah! Second day in a row now, that I haven't thought about blogging at all. I feel kinda stupid, but that's ok. Everyone's entitled to feel stupid sometimes, right?
My parents took me to Mankato today, and I bought a couple books that were recommended to me, as well as a couple of shirts and things. Then they took me out to dinner, which is always nice. I didn't get back until almost eight, and then I did something stupid, possibly. I volunteered to send Nate a care package of cookies. So now I have to make cookies, and find a box, and mail them. Hopefully by Tuesday. So now I need to dig up some peanut butter. And some chocolate chips. And hope I don't burn them. But I've never burned cookies before, so we'll see. Any cookie recommendations out there?
I hope I can fall asleep at a decent hour tonight, last night I didn't fall asleep until 5 am, which sucked BIG time. I'm not a fan of lying awake for hours and hours.
Hm, what else. Robin McKinley's book comes out in just over a month, and I'm terribly excited. And Neil Gaiman is having a book signing here in Minnesota in October, and if I can swing the time and funds, I'm going, because I think he's brilliant, second only to Robin McKinley. Unfortunately, she refuses to do book tours in the US because she lives in the UK and let's face it, it's kind of a long way away. Which sucks for all of us.

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