It's growing, it's waiting/Just to hurt you

Work was....long. Very long. R. livened things up, though. He's a nice guy, though he needs to stop telling the clients to call me a 'sexy mama.' It was funny the first dozen times, but now, not so much. S. wants me to date him, and I just looked at her like, 'yeah, right.' I barely know the guy. Instead of having her play matchmaker, I invented an imaginary boyfriend who lives in Michigan. I just know it's going to come back to bite me on the ass, but it will keep people from trying to match me up with (sadly) the only decent guy in town. Plus, he's taller than me. Why am I still talking about this?
I love M. I think she's great. She has kept me from doing irreparable damage to myself, and proven that she's cared in infinite little ways that she's probably unaware of. You've saved my life, M., literally, and I love you for it. ^.^
I think I have a sinus infection. Either that, or my allergy medications have suddenly gone from helping me to making me infinitely worse. I can barely breathe and my throat just burns. It doesn't ache, it burns; and the burning is too far down my windpipe for that spray stuff, or even cough syrup or drops, to help. Dad had one not long ago, and I think I caught it from him. His is gone, so mine should get better in a few days. I mean, it's not quite as much of a struggle to breathe as it used to be, so I'm already technically getting better. Technically isn't really good enough, though.
Wow, I'm struggling to type accurately and at speed, which is becoming frustrating. I'm not entirely sure why, either. It's not like I'm short of sleep this time 'round, or anything like that. I think I'm going to try to figure out what's up with my sudden loss of fine motor skills.

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