Whenever she is raging/She takes a life away

So according to N. and T.(O.), it's not so much that I'm scary as that I'm different. Apparently I just have a slightly different frame of reference, almost like I operate on a very slightly different plane, not hugely different but just enough to make it difficult to predict how I'm going to react to any given thing. Which is better than just being scary. Unpredictable is better than scary. I just had no idea. Is there anything else that I do/don't do that weirds people out?
At work one of the clients had a big bloody patch on his shirt this morning. The only place it could have come from was his mouth, and he couldn't have bitten his lip or his tongue because he has no teeth. So I'm (understandably) worried about him.
Operation Cookie was a success, apparently. Lots of cookies eaten, book started, that makes me happy. Plus the whole wrapped-around-my-cookie-baking-finger thing is always nice.
Oh, gosh, I had something else to say here, and I can't remember what it was. I hate it when that happens. I guess my wish to make this post a little longer than usual is going to be cut short. No pun intended.

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