But I won't run/There's no turning back from here

So I just got back from work, and normally I'd be crawling into bed, but I have a doctor's appointment (yes, I always have doctor's appointments) in an hour and it's not worth going to bed for 45 minutes. I probably won't nap at all today, either, just so I can sleep tonight. I have...5 or 6 days off now...however many days there are between now and Wednesday next, because I don't have to work Labor Day like I originally thought I'd have to. But since I'm full-time, I still get paid for it. *jumps up and down just a bit (it would be more but I'm really tired)*
One of my coworkers got suspended for three days for not feeding G., who is currently too weak to freaking TALK, let alone feed himself. He didn't take him to the bathroom, either, but just let him lay there all day in his own mess. If it was up to me, I'd have fired his sorry ass.
On a much happier note. For those of you following the strange little story of N. and I, well, it's not quite as strange as it was, since a couple nights ago we decided to formalize things between us. Ladies and gentlemen, Nate and I are "together;" I daresay those of you who know/knew us aren't in the least surprised and are instead saying things along the lines of, "well, it's about time" or "you two are ridiculous." Yes, I'm fully aware that it's been over two years since things kind of got started, but at least we're not rushing things, right? :P Needless to say, I'm thrilled just to pieces. Not literally, of course.

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