I could have made it better/but the feelings just aren't there

I got clawed at work today. One of my clients just reached up and raked his nails down my arm. So if I die of necrotizing facitis, we all know why.
I'm anti-lithium. I suppose I should explain this. Lithium is a wonder drug that works for most people like me (re: the bipolar fragment of society). The trick is that the levels in the bloodstream have to be just right. If they're just a little bit too low, the lithium has no effect. If there's just a little too much, you get what's known as lithium poisoning. Unfortunately, for some people, there is no "just right"--it's either too low or too high with no in-between. Even more unfortunately, I'm one of those people. So there I was, taking my lithium like a good little girl and wondering why I was getting violently ill ALL THE TIME. Ok, not all the time per se, just every half hour or so. For a week. My mom called my doctor who told me to stop taking it, and while I'm mostly better, my GI system is apparently still really FUBAR'ed, to the point where I can expect occasional "distress" for the next month. Keep in mind, I haven't been on lithium since mid-June. This means that now they have to try a bunch of lesser-known and not-quite-as-effective medications until/unless they find something that works. So far, no luck. But then, this is Me we're talking about here, and since when do I have any luck?
Nobody seems to believe me when I tell them I wear colors that aren't black. It's true! I even own pastels. And I wear them. I also wear skirts now, and not all of them are short plaid ones. Ok, so only one of them isn't plaid, but still...
I talk about the weirdest things on AIM. Granted, it IS with the weirdest people, so maybe that explains it.
The pharmacy where I get my Rx filled is already full of Halloween supplies. It's barely August, people! What's wrong with you? Wait until September at least, for heaven's sake!

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