Make believe, close your eyes/I'll be anything for you

So telling my mom wasn't anywhere near as awkward as I thought it would be. She wasn't surprised at all, and just said, "you'll make good decisions." I'd been worrying a bit (okay, more than a bit. More like a Bit) about how she'd react, but I guess more than anything I'd just forgotten how cool my mom can be. I think she was most impressed when I told her that because of him I feel, not that I'll be okay, but that even if I'm not okay, I can make it through. Which is a huge change, and major progress. Makes me want to abandon my five-year plan.
Ever have people talk about you? One of my problems is that I constantly believe people are talking about me, whether or not it's true. Doesn't matter, people are automatically talking about me behind my back. So when I know it happens, even when I know it's not negative, I tend to freak out a bit and want to know exactly what and why things involving me were being discussed in the first place. Unfortunately, in this case, the person I asked (okay, fine, interrogated) either honestly can't remember (which is possible) or doesn't want to say (which is also possible). Because she's my friend I'm going to pick the first one, even though my deep-seated inclination (again, because of the whole schizo thing) is to believe the latter.
I've eaten twice today, so I feel slightly sick. You know that feeling you get when you eat waaaaay too much? Yeah, that's me at the moment, despite having had a small hamburger and an even smaller handful of chips for lunch, and a half-bowl of cereal for breakfast. My doctor's encouraging me to eat more, but I just...can't. Maybe I can force down a bit of whatever we're having for dinner, but it won't be much.
Work was good this morning. Mostly because I've been in a really good mood since last night (thank you, N.), but also because we were almost fully staffed. When I got into Apt. 1 at 6, M.K. had already finished 3 of the guys. I mean finished. A. just needed breakfast, and he feeds himself. So I wasn't running around frantically trying to do four things at once like I was yesterday. So yeah, a good day. I'm just hoping work tonight goes alright, too.

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