Sanctus Espiritus/Redeem us from our solemn hour

I can feel myself slowly sliding back down into the whole depression thing, which is to be expected. I've been feeling better for a couple of weeks now, and the cycle must continue. On the bright side, I should be able to start sleeping again, since the doc. suggested I try yet another anti-depressant that's supposed to help with sleep. She's becoming a bit frustrated, I think, because there's fewer and fewer options.
On the bright side, I'm down in the 155 range weight-wise. Only five pounds to go and I'll be back the size I was when I left Taylor. Tell me: how is it that I can wear the SAME PANT SIZE as I did in middle school, but weigh 20 pounds more? It doesn't make sense to me at all. My boobs are bigger now, true, but boobs aren't that heavy.
I might not be able to go to Neil Gaiman's book signing, since the event is 3 hours away and starts at 7 pm, on a night that I work. Which means I'd have to be back by 11. Not feasible, really; I'm really really really hoping I can talk someone into switching with me so I can go. I wonder if he'd sign more than one book...
I'm so tired all the time now, again. I'm desperately wishing it's just lack of sleep, but somehow I doubt it. I knew the whole "better" thing was too good to be true. Damn it...

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